Notary Public FAQs

As a commissioned officer of the state of California, a Notary Public must adhere to a strict set of guidelines and regulations. We’ve compiled many of your questions and answered them below:

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  1. What is a Notary Public?
  2. What are the requirements to become a mobile notary public?
  3. What education is required to become a Notary Public officer?
  4. Why does California law require a notary to have a Notary Public Bond?
  5. What is a Notary Public Seal and How is it Used?
  6. Can a Notary Public have a Conflict of Interest?
  7. What is a Certificate of Acknowledgement?
  8. What is a Jurat?
  9. What is a Notary Subscribing Witness?
  10. What can a Notary do if a signer cannot write their name
  11. Can a Notary Public certify a Power of Attorney