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What is the Purpose of a Notary Public Bond?

As stated in California’s Government Code 8212 and 8213, every notary public is required to file an official state bond in the amount of $15,000. Unlike an Errors and Omissions insurance policy, the Notary Surety Bond does not protect the notary but rather the public. If a notary is negligent or is guilty of misconduct, the notary is required to reimburse the issuing surety company for any monies paid out. However, this is bond’s purpose is only to provide a limited amount of funds and the notary public remains personally liable for damages. In fact, a mobile notary public officer can sustain financial damages and penalties and may additionally lose his or her California state commission.

To help mitigate possible mistakes by a notary public, most notaries carry E&O insurance (Errors & Omissions). Of course E&O insurance will not help a notary who uses his or her commission in a malicious, dishonest, fraudulent, intentional or criminal manner.

All of our Orange County Mobile Notary Public officers carry both the mandatory Notary Public Bond and additional E&O Insurance for the consumer’s protection.