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What is a Notary Public Seal?

What is a Notary PublicAs with all our mobile notaries, every California Commissioned Notary Public Officer is required to have and use a seal. The Secretary of State requires every notary public seal to meet the following specifications:

  • When attached to a loan document or any other legal document, the seal must be photographically reproducible;
  • Contain California’s State Seal and the exact words “Notary Public”;
  • Display the county (e.g. Orange County) of where the notary public bond and oath of office are on file;
  • Contain the notary public’s name as it is displayed on their commission;
  • Display the expiration date of the notary public’s commission;
  • Contain the seal manufacturer’s assigned unique identification code;
  • Contain the commission number of the notary public;
  • Have a circular diameter of not more than two inches or be a rectangular box of no more than 1″x2.5″ (W x L) and have a serrated or milled edged border
  • Additionally, the notary public seal is sole property of the agent. All our Orange County Notaries keep their seal in a locked and secure area, as required. All notary seals must be kept in the notary’s direct control. If a notary public is under the employment of a company, even under termination, the notary public must not surrender the seal – even if the employer paid for the seal.

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