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What Education is Required to become a Notary Public?

Per California Government Code section 8201 an Orange County Notary Public (or any notary public officer in California) must be properly educated prior to obtaining their official notary license. Since July 1, 2005 the State of California has required appointed notaries to successfully completed a six-hour study course.

It is also important to note that even if a person has held numerous notary commissions in the past, that person is required by the Government Code to take the initial course of six-hours.

Now, if you have an active notary commission and have completed the initial six-hour course, then you may take a 3-hour refresher course prior to your reappointment as a mobile notary (note: California State notaries serve a four-year term and must renew their commission). In order to qualify for the three-hour course the notary must have applied for reappointment before their current commission expires. If they fail to apply in time they will be forced to retake the entire six-hour notary public course.

For example, if you were interested in becoming a Santa Ana mobile notary you would need to locate a California approved notary education provider. All courses of study are approved by the Secretary of State. In order to gain the State’s approval, a mobile notary courses must include all the materials and knowledge necessary to pass the written exam. Please visit the Secretary of State’s website if you would like to find the list of approved notary public trainers.